Hi! I'm Kyndra, I'm a folk illustrator based in Asheville NC! Do you have any pets?
I do! Auggie and Ghost! They're my favorite creatures and almost always by my side.
Where did you grow up?
A little town in Alaska called Palmer! My Partner is also from there and we actually went back to elope in 2020
Were you always an artist?
I was, but I thought I was awful at drawing and painting until I was an adult and started taking classes. Growing up, music was my life. At one point in time it was my dream to make a living as a jazz vocalist. 
Do you go to therapy? YES! I've been going to therapy off and on since I was a child.  I think everyone should go to therapy. It boggles my mind how inaccessible it is in this day and age.
How did you start illustrating? ( long story with probably bad spelling incoming...)
Just out of high school, I started working for a small museum in my home town. I was became super close to the director and she put me under her wing. Through that job I was able to work with so many weird wonderful and super creative people. I planned events, staged galleries and developed exhibits.
After five years at the museum, I decided to leave Alaska and follow my now husband to California. Still wanting to be around artist, I got a job in a comic shop while I played with abstracts in my free time.  
I then decided to take classes at a community collage, any and all art classes I could get my hands on! Ceramics stood out though. I was completely in love with playing with clay. I loved creating textures and playing with the glaze colors. Eventually I started carving through the underglaze, drawing little figures on my mugs and plates. It felt like me, I would even attach thoughts to the figures saying what I was annoyed at at the time.
At home I couldn't work on clay ( carpet is a big nono for clay dust) so I started working with both watercolor and wax resist  as well as digital programs to create a similar style that I would on clay. And thats it! thats my technical art progression!